Pachamama  (Mother Earth)

Three Movement Work (Section 2 & above)

     I - Mother of All Wonderful Things

     II - Agitator of the Senses

     III - Warrior of Vengeance and Justice

00:00 / 13:06

Battle of Wills  (Original composition) 

Tempestuous battle which will test all your players' willpower, with half the band playing on onbeats while the others play offbeats 

Battle of Wills

Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow

Foot-tapping, showy and raucous - perfect for encores

Daddy's taking us to the zoo...

Let it Snow

Cornet solo with a lilting feel

Let it Snow

All I want for Christmas is You

Cornet solo, slow and meaningful, with crushy chords

All I want for Christmas
It's beginning to look...

Christmas Jig

Daft but popular medley of Christmas tunes in compound time

Christmas Jig


Duet for Horn and Trombone - with optional accordion!


God Save the Queen

Medley of classic Queen songs: Bohemian Rhapsody - The Show Must Go On - Who Wants to Live Forever? - Somebody to Love

God Save the Queen

Tum-te-Tum Cameron

Brass band arrangement of David's Cameron's hum as he made his escape!